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Asbestos Abatement 

and Demolition Contractors

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A Complete System to Maximize Profits and Increase Efficiencies

Built by environmental contractors, FieldFlō is a comprehensive asbestos abatement software and demolition platform helping contractors run their business from a single interface. This offers peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on what is most important: Your bids, customers, and company success.

Key Features

Asbestos software demolition software environmental software asbestos abatement software contractor software

Company Dashboard

Gain insights and your entire company snapshot from this robust dashboard.

Asbestos software asbestos abatement software contractor software

Project Mgmt Module

Manage every aspect of your project from this module. time, safety, certs, docs, and more!

Asbestos software asbestos abatement software contractor software

Time Tracking / Payroll

Time card and payroll reporting built specifically for the abatement and demo industry.  Know who and how many hours are on a project in an instant.

Asbestos software asbestos abatement software contractor software

Certification Mgmt

Track and manage your entire teams certifications.  Access them anytime and be alerted when expirations are approaching.

Asbestos software asbestos abatement software contractor software

Warehouse / Inventory

Track your inventory across the company and all projects.  Receive alarms when inspections and maintenance is due.  Run cost and tracking reports instantly.


Why contractors choose FIELDFLŌ


Our Story

FieldFlō was born out of abatement and demo guys' utter frustration with the archaic processes that exist in the industry today.  Our founder has spent the past decade working with some of the largest and smallest abatement/demo companies in the nation.  During that time, he noticed that no matter who he was working with, the business processes and life cycles of a project were always the same.  In turn, the issues, inefficiencies and headaches that surrounded those processes were identical, no matter the size of the company - or even the size of the projects!


The goal of FieldFlō is to ease the pains for as many abatement and demo companies as possible. We want to help companies focus on what’s most important and spend less time worrying about the tedious and redundant tasks that cause so many issues and heartache in our industry.  For example, issues surrounding time tracking, crew tracking, safety paperwork completion and tracking, permitting, certification tracking, skill tracking, internal warehouse ordering, inventory, closeout reporting and lastly, the ability to track every aspect of your company's projects.  If any of these steps or processes go overlooked during a project's life cycle, it can lead to wasted time, tremendous additional labor costs, and sometimes even regulatory fines and/or citations.  We often look back and think how much more productivity the companies we've worked for would have experienced, and the money the company could have saved, had we been running off of a solution like FieldFlō. "Was it all in vain?" No! Now the question changes to, "how many people will this software help moving forward?" We hope to contribute this to the abatement and demo world and give you something that's easy and won't break the bank. ....read more



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